What’s Possible via our Methodology?

Why do this?  1) Children have a limited vision of the vast array of career opportunities.  2) Their perennial question is, “Why do we study this stuff?!”  3) Most adults are disconnected from the crisis children face in under-served communities.  Impact Seminars addresses all three via one process.

Imagine the societal impact  –  40,000 adults in 40,000 classrooms of 25 students each  =>  yields 1,000,000 student hours conversing with caring adults who emphasize the value of education.  Such numbers are possible in Metro Detroit alone!  It will help shape the new legacy envisioned for our city.  [This can be done via 200 organizations paired with 200 schools, but it will take several years to do so.  It cannot be overstated – the pace of expansion requires the agreement of all community stakeholders.]

Imagine such a volume of engagement – each & every year – across Metro Detroit in elementary and middle schools beginning within under-served neighborhoods.  Eventually, all of America!

Imagine how caring adults (i.e., all of us) will become visible and real to children who are unaware of our existence and of the personal path and struggle each of us has overcome to get where we are.

Imagine such an effort based on asking busy adults to invest one hour, one time, from their life to converse with a classroom of children.  Few will decline such a minimal request and most go again.

Imagine Detroit as the city to fully unleash this and demonstrate what’s possible for America.

Imagine a bold champion – eager to demonstrate their mettle on a task this bold.  Who might do so?

Imagine Detroit demonstrating – for America – how this simple yet powerful methodology will “Empower America to Inspire Every Child!”

This is possible.  Our methodology provides the means: 1) Readily administered by Impact Seminars; 2) Most businesses and any fraternal/professional organization can utilize it as their own, independent program; 3) Our process enables them to facilitate more of their employees/members, as volunteers, into class-rooms with their minimal admin effort; 4) Zero admin. burden or cost for the school; 5) If requested, we will train non-profits to use our process at no cost; 5) No admin. burden or cost for the school; 6) For businesses after the initial nine months of our free service, business – only – will be asked to compensate us for our continued administration of their program; 7) Further info is under the “Training” tab on our website, although somewhat dated.

This methodology was demonstrated via our four-year pilot program in three Detroit Public Schools (1991 to 1995) plus a short pilot in 2012. It must be emphasized that the proliferation noted above will occur only if a powerful institution first validates our process – mandatory prior to taking it to scale. As we begin at each school – we bring volunteers into classrooms at the pace teachers request. Once a few schools in a district appreciate the value of our methods, other local schools will be eager to also partner with a business and utilize our approach. Done at no initial cost per #4 and #5 above.

While our website is informative, our methodology usually comes alive only within a conversation. A short phone call will enable you to begin to see – not just imagine – all that’s possible. We welcome your phone call for a brief initial discussion.

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