The Basics of Impact Seminars for Youth

No child can aspire for something they do not even know exists.
Goal #1 is engaging every American so children can SEE all that is possible. We ask adults to volunteer one hour – once to converse with a classroom about real life – especially with underserved children.

Three Tragically Invisible Obstacles to educating children in our underserved communities …

  1. Many gainfully employed adults moved away, thus are invisible to the children left behind.
  2. Consequently, most career paths are also invisible to these same children, hence …
  3. Value of Education is largely invisible to most of them.  Kids SEE no proof of its merit.
  • Overcoming Invisibility is the focus of Impact Seminars. (Ref. Insight & Vision, previous sheet.)
  • Children begin to SEE a new Path Out of Poverty – via education, and only education.

Adults are all but oblivious to the depth of this problem.

  1. Many adults are somewhat “aware” of the crisis, yet they fail to do anything. Why?
  2. It’s less “not caring” and more they’re overwhelmed, disconnected or See No Means to Act!
  3. Adult volunteers personally experience the “Savage Inequalities” for underserved children – thus … raising awareness so they can see how to become part of the solution.  More will follow.
  4. This is initiated & led by the workplace CEO, but all admin duties are by Impact Seminars.

Two Unique Features of our Methodology unleash its potential.

  • One Hour – Once will generate a huge volume of NEW adult volunteers eager to participate.
  • Our Process: Simple means to facilitate a classroom visit so adults can converse with students.
    • We give employees freedom to choose any date & time, to visit a classroom in about 3 weeks.
    • Adult informs students of unknown career possibilities and why education is their only path.
    • Students’ vision broadened to new career possibilities; Inspired to new paths in their lives.

Once children become inspired, every teacher has a
Far Simpler Task educating their students!

Children receive via Impact Seminars for Youth:

  1. A window into an unknown world of possibility – shown education is THE ONLY PATH.
  2. HOPE, a vision for their future inspired by these new personally conveyed possibilities.

Adults receive via Impact Seminars for Youth:

  1. Easy method to volunteer – max flexibility to scarcest resource – we ask for One Hour – Once.
  2. Membership on a Mighty Team making a difference for children – across America!

Two words summarize it all:

Hope to children: Provides a New Vision for their future.  Kids become Excited!

Relationships between adults: Volunteer & Teacher.  More does follow.

Why is this methodology unique?

  1. Most 1 to 1 efforts transform individual children.  We provide a means to reach every child!
  2. Entire metro area will be transformed via the vast numbers our process can readily engage.
  3. Zero admin burden on a school or business.  All administration is by Impact Seminars.
  4. LESS administration required to facilitate adults into classrooms – and do it frequently.

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