Enormous Possibilities


Impact Seminars for Youth

No child can aspire for something they do not even know exists. Such is the case for children lost in America’s underserved areas (plus others). They are virtually blind to all jobs of any merit – from the skilled trades to the professional ranks – and of education’s essential role! Impact Seminars directly addresses this and can do so on a grand scale. We can empower our nation to inspire every child. Ours is a process easily administered [Key feature] thus readily reproduced and can be brought to scale nationally, and eventually globally. Tragically, no one has ever explored this with us; despite our 27 years of trying. Additionally, more social value is likely beyond what’s presented here.

Briefly stated, our methodology can provide the following: (Specifics are in the enclosed material, here on our website and letters this past year to Mich. Gov. Snyder, et.al.  The latter can be provided.)

  • Empower America to Inspire Every Child. We can do so by inviting every adult to volunteer One Hour – Once to converse with a classroom of children. (See our letterhead.)
  • Generate America’s New Dimension based on “We the People” rather than We the government, We the professionals, We the leaders, etc. (Ref. letter to Gov. Snyder, 8-21-2015)
  • Expand the already bold “Global Citizen” initiative by Bill & Melinda Gates Fndtn. Impact Seminars can readily add more to it without posing an either/or quandary for the Gates Fndtn.
  • Unleash the human resource of business on a scale never imagined. Ours is a corporate volunteer program – Not a governmental one. We would do this first nationally, next globally.
  • Demonstrate via a nine-month mini-prototype in Seattle: 300 adults in 300 classrooms of 25 students each yielding 7,500 student-hours with adults. A one person can administer. This will demonstrate the value of our process. (Ltr. to Gov. Snyder, 9-3-15)
  • At Such a Scale – of personal engagement across this divide – other social benefits will ensue!
  • Idea Ahead of Its Time for 27 years, but that’s ended. Now IS the time for such an idea!

Seven Bold Statements, yet each is entirely feasible primarily because our administrative process is that simple.  It’s all done via a single program utilizing adult volunteers, hence very cost effective.

A nine-month mini-prototype will establish the basis for our very bold claims. A program could begin, in January 2017, at six middle schools in Seattle and King County via employees of Microsoft and the Gates Fndtn, et. al.  I will administer this for Zero cost, per my letter to Gov. Snyder, 9-3-2015.  This prototype was first sent to the CEO of the Gates Fndtn. in late 1999, plus periodic letters since.  My Sept 3rd ltr. to Gov. Snyder also itemizes our fit with “Global Citizen” begun by the Gates Foundation.

Impact Seminars’ methods comprise a new dimension of great import for “Global Citizen.”  The latter begins by asking individuals to register in a database stating their interest in some social endeavor and, among other steps to, “urge companies, et. al., to make their issue a priority for them.”  [The last is not likely, because a corporation is not a democracy and, in all likelihood, each CEO will endorse a social program of interest to them.]  Impact Seminars does the reverse.  We engage the CEO first on a social need of interest to all, Inspire every child regarding the value of education.  The CEO will invite employees to do as the CEO does and to also speak with a classroom.  Corporate leadership here, rather than an individual, will generate Far More Volunteers.  This will create a large New Dimension for America!

First and foremost, Impact Seminars is a corporate volunteer program.  It will unleash the human resource of business on a scale never imagined.  One key is to draw upon personal connections among employees.  Around 1995, the late UAW President Doug Fraser stated at a meeting of 200 of my fellow non-profit leaders, “The workplace has become the principal communal gathering spot.”  A brilliant insight.

Worthwhile topics, as you recognize, but – again – no organization has ever explored it with us; except for a few cursory discussions more focused on polite dismissal of an idea that they had not attempted to comprehend.  You can correct this with one phone call to me that should gain your appreciation of our methods, followed by my presentation to your staff.  Our reasons for such boldness follow.

For 27 years ours has been an idea ahead of its time, but no more.  In Jan. 2015 the Gates Foundation excitedly announced its “Global Citizen” initiative.  Commendable, yet our process offers more that Gates can use to expand on what Forbes declared (re Global Citizen) as “Most Powerful Tool in the History of Social Activism.”  Our methods will empower Gates to do far more.  We do not pose an either/or quandary for the Gates Fndtn. We are compatible.  Both can be done.  Both must be done.

Gates is showing that America is ready for a huge approach to volunteerism.  This also demonstrates the Gates Foundation, itself, is seeking new Big Ideas!  Impact Seminars created just that with the program we created in 1989-90, and then demonstrated via a pilot program in three Detroit middle schools from 1991 through 1994.  In the twenty years since, we have pursued numerous paths and key individuals.  Several times we came tantalizingly close, e.g., in 1997 the CEO of a national non-profit told Orlando that, “He, their Board Chair and Colin Powell all view Impact Seminars to be a model for the Nation!”  Similar inroads were made with others, but nothing ensued for reasons not related to the merits of our approach.  We’ve never been able to persuade any institution to examine our methodology to discern its value.  A first meeting will ignite most anyone’s interest.  I promise you.  This is all I seek with (Name of Organization).

One thing is missing:  A leader who will initiate a full examination by an institution that can recognize its value and will help bring it to the national stage.  While an opening with any suitable organization might be nice, I assert that given our scope and national potential – this warrants engagement that must begin with Bill and Melinda Gates, personally.  Your one phone call to them may do it.  Yes, it could be that easy.  (Ref. my letters to Governor Snyder, Aug. 21 and Sept 3, 2015)

In the final analysis only Bill and Melinda, with their staff, will decide what to do.  Any prior scrutiny, evaluation, endorsement, etc. by others is not likely to matter in the Gates’s decision.  Bluntly put, but true.  Thus, we need not do such scrutiny beforehand; just Invite Bill and Melinda Gates to Decide if they wish to launch a mini-prototype, or not.  One meeting with your staff will pique their interest.

Thank you for considering my request.  If you act, it will begin to unleash this Powerful Idea for America, and then the World.  I welcome your call any time to begin such a discussion.

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