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Volunteer... One Hour - One Time

(Once from your life or more often if you choose — and at any date & time.)

We invite you to converse with a classroom of children at elementary & middle schools

regarding the value of education.  Our minimal request generates a huge volume of

new volunteers that we facilitate into classrooms and more visits often follow.

We strive to raise children’s awareness regarding the vast variety of careers – with education

as the key in the pursuit of any.  Both assertions are largely unknown to children within

our under-served communities – and both are conveyed during the regular classroom

conversations we facilitate, one at a time, using a wide variety of adult volunteers.


Helps Resolve any absence of:





Methodology developed & demonstrated


Impact Seminars for Youth


What we do: Our process readily facilitates adult volunteers into

classrooms as noted above.  Our goal is to train organizations to utilize this

process as their own, independent program.  Some specifics are on the reverse side. 

Individual volunteerism expands when their organization helps facilitate participation.



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