Our Insight, Our Vision and The Basics

Value of Education is Invisible to Many Americans!

America’s adults are detached because of

three barriers that are invisible to them and children.

  • Success is Invisible to Underserved Children since …
  • Successful Adults are Invisible to most of them thus …
  • No child can aspire to be what they do not even know exists!

Impact Seminars addresses all three barriers with ONE simple process that will engage huge numbers of citizen volunteers.  We can unleash America’s human resources, from the workplace led by the CEO, on a scale not yet imagined!

We are missing only:
A Champion to help release the full potential of
Impact Seminars for Youth, thus bring it to scale.

Marian Wright Edelman* validates our bold vision.  (Oct. 2002)

“We have the money. We have the power. We have the know-how. We have the experience. We have the vision. We have the moral, social and economic responsibility as well. What we lack is the Civic Engagement of Enough Citizens.  So what we’ve got to put together is a powerful movement that is going to Pierce the Profound Lack of Awareness.”

Goals very similar to the 2002 vision of Ms. Edelman were the basis of our
methodology in the creation of Impact Seminars for Youth in 1989.  Namely:

Impact Seminars began to address this challenge in 1990. The “lack of awareness” Ms. Edelman noted is the Invisibility we focus upon.  Plus, her challenge for the “engagement of enough citizens” is delivered via our request of everyone to volunteer One Hour — Once.  This huge activity will begin to pierce America’s lack of awareness.

We can generate such vast actions as outlined  on “The Basics” sheet (next page).

* Marian Wright Edelman (b. 1939) She has been an advocate for disadvantaged Americans her entire professional life. She is president and founder of Children’s Defense Fund. (Wikipedia)

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